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I cannot open the list of attendees.

If you cannot open the downloaded list of attendees in Excel, please check the following points:

1. There is a [ " ] included in the file name

If the file name of the downloaded list of attendees contains a [ " ] the file can not be opened in Excel by double clicking on the file name. In this case, no error message will be displayed.

Please open the file in one of the following ways:

Method 1 : Remove the [ " ] from the file name

After you have removed the [ "] from the file name, you can open the file by simply double clicking.
1. In explorer, right-click on the relevant file.
2. Choose to change the file name, and remove the [ "] from the name.

Method 2 : Open the file from Excel

If you first open Excel you will have no problems opening file containing a [ "] in the file name.
* This method might not work for all Excel versions.
1. Open Excel
2. Choose [ Open file ]
3. Find the relevant file, and click to open.

2. (In case you use Mac Excel) The file name exceeds the maximum number of characters

If you use the Mac OS standard HFS (`hierarchical file system`), the number of characters in a file name is limited to 31. In case your file name exceeds the 31 characters, please shorten the file name.

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