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How to give complimentary tickets to invited guests

As an event organizer, you might wish to give complimentary tickets to a list of guests without requiring them to get tickets for themselves from your event page. You may do so in the following manner:

1. Create a discount code

1.Click the [Edit] tab in your event dashboard and click [Edit Tickets] to set up a discount code.

2. Click [Discount Code Settings]. Select the ticket type you would like your guests to receive and set the new ticket price at $0. Enter a discount code (e.g. guestlist) and click [Add Discount Code]. 


2. Purchase the free tickets

1. Click the [View] tab to view the event page and purchase the discounted tickets.
Enter the number of tickets needed and the promotional code you've set up previously. The total should sum to $0. Complete the transaction to receive the tickets.


If you no longer need the discount code, please deactivate the code. In the [Edit Discount Codes] page, click on the deactivate-button on the right. You should see a red "inactive" sign below the discount code.


3. Sending tickets to your guests

After you have ordered the tickets, you can use our Gift to Friend feature to transfer to tickets to the attendees. 

Your invited guests can than claim their tickets.

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