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The downloaded file incorrectly shows dates

If the information in the downloaded CSV-file contains a hyphen (-), Excel will automatically change that field to a date format. For example, if the attendee entered "2-5", it can change to "2 May". In that case, please refer to the following steps to correctly display the data.

* Please note that the steps can vary depending on your version of Excel.

How to solve problems with displayed date formats in Excel:

1. Open Microsoft Excel.

2. From the Data-tab, click [Text file].

3. The Text file import screen will be displayed. Please choose the relevant file from your downloaded folder, select [Text file] and click [Import].

4. The Text file Wizard will be displayed. From Original data type format, please select: 
[Delimited - Characters such as commas or tabs separate each field]
and click Next.

5. In the next screen, please select [Tab] and [Comma] as delimiter, and click Next.

6. In the data preview screen you can select each data column and set the Data Format.
Please select all columns (you can select all columns by holding the Shift-key on your keyboard and selecting first the first column and next the last column from the preview), and set the column data format to [Text].

7. Please click [Finish] to exit the wizard, and your file will be opened correctly.

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