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What happens if an event is cancelled?

If the event organizer decides to cancel the event, the full price of your tickets will be refunded. 

  * We do not take any responsibility in case the organizer cancels an event.


About the refund

The refund will be handled by the credit card company that was used for the purchase of the tickets.
Furthermore, the refund process will vary depending on the cutoff date of your credit card. Please see below for more details. 

- The date of the cancellation lies before the cutoff date of your credit card
The refund process will be handled in the current month. This means that the payment will not be made, and no money will be deducted.
In many cases, both the payment and the cancellation will appear separately on your credit card statement.

- The date of the cancellation lies after the cutoff date of you credit card
The payment of your order will be processed as usual. We will refund your purchase the next month through a negative invoice.

* The date of the cancellation is the same as the date you received the cancellation notification email.
* We cannot look up the cutoff date of your credit card. 

For customers in Japan: customers who used convenience store or ATM payment to purchase their tickets will receive an email regarding the details of the refund. Please follow the instructions as written in the email. If you have any questions about the refund process or the instructions in the email, please contact us.