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How to check-in attendees using a computer?

If you have a computer with wifi available at the day of the event, you can use your computer to check in attendees.
You can either check-in attendees by manually clicking the [check in] button, or by scanning the QR-codes.

​Computer manual check-in

1. Go the [Attendees] page for the relevant event.

2. You will see a list of all the attendees who have purchased tickets. From the [Attendee View]-tab you can search by the name of the attendee, the email address of the attendee, or the ticket ID. (to search on ticket ID, please add a # before the ID: e.g. "#31" for ticket ID 31)

3. You can then check in the attendee by clicking [Check in]


4. [The attendee is checked in] will be displayed on the top of the screen.

5. You can check all checked in attendees by filtering on [Checked In].
In case you want to check out an attendee, you can do so by clicking [Check Out]

* Attendees can be checked in up until 24 hours after the event has finished.

Computer Scan check-in

1. Go to the Attendees Page for the relevant event.

2. Click [Other Checkin Methods] and go to [PC QR Scan]

3. A confirmation pop-up window will ask you to allow the activation of your PC camera. Please click [Allow]

4. Once the camera is activated, hold up the QR Code about 3-6 inches away from the camera (sometimes distances vary depending on the size of the QR Code)

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