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On the event day, how can you check-in attendees?

Peatix offers several ways to check-in attendees. On a basic Peatix Ticket, the event name, the attendees name and a QR-code are shown. The basic check-in method on Peatix is to scan the QR-code on the ticket.
(For reference: please see our help page What is a Peatix Ticket?)

1) QR-code check-in
Ticket: QR-code
With this check-in method, you can simply check in attendees by scanning the QR code on their ticket. Attendees can access their ticket on a mobile phone, or print out a paper ticket. Useful for events with many different ticket types, or if you prefer a printed tickets.

2) ColorSync check-in
Ticket: ColorSync
ColorSync Check-in is mobile ticketing without any scanning or name lookup. Simply compare the flashing colors on your screen to those on the ticket. If they match, the ticket is valid and the attendee is checked in. Useful for events with many people arriving at the same time. 

3) Manual / Paper check-in
Ticket: QR-code
Search on the attendees names in the attendee screen, and manually check-in attendees. In case internet connection or cell service is unavailable at your event, we recommend to bring a print out of the attendee list as a back-up for all check-in methods.

Check-in attendees with the Peatix Scan App

​By scanning the QR-code in the ticket with our Peatix Scan App, you can verify the validity of the ticket. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you do not need another special device to scan the QR-codes. Please install the Peatix Scan App on your smartphone and/or tablet and use this app to check in attendees at the start of your event.

Using the Peatix Scan App to check in attendees, you can in real-time check the number of attendees that have arrived at your event. And after the event has finished, you can send a message to all participants (checked in ticket buyers) of your event.
* Even if you do not check-in attendees on Peatix (by scanning the QR-codes, or by clicking the "Check-in" button on the "Attendees" screen), the payout amount of your event will not be effected. 

* To check-in attendees, your smartphone or tablet needs to be connected to internet.
* The picture is only an illustration. No actual green beams are used when scanning QR-codes.

Download the App

Download the app for free from the App Store  Download the App for free from the Google Play

Please note, there are two Peatix apps: one for attendees and one for organizers. Please download the "Peatix for Organizers" App to check-in attendees to your event. 

In case the reception will be staffed by several persons

In case you will be using several persons to check in attendees to your event, using the attendee mode in the Peatix Scan App can be very useful. When using the assistant mode, you do not need to share to login details of the organizers account. If you wish to check in attendees with several persons, please check our help page How to use the Assistant Mode? 

ColorSync Check-in

ColorSync is a by Peatix developed check-in system. A system that allows the organizer to easily check the validity of the attendees ticket by comparing the flashing colors on his own computer/smartphone and the flashing colors on the attendees ticket. Since attendees will be automatically checked-in if the colors match, the check-in process will go smooth and efficient. For more information, please see How to use ColorSync

Tip 1. Prepare a print out of the attendee list in case some attendees forget to bring their tickets.

​​In case your internet connection at the event venue doesn't work, or you cannot use your smartphone or computer, you can manage event attendees using a print out of the list of attendees. From the attendees screen you can download a list of attendees (CSV-file), including the order details. Please print out the attendee list, and use it to check-in attendees.
Also in case you will be using the Peatix Scan App or computer to check in attendees, we recommend to bring a print out of the attendee list as a back-up.

Tip 2. If you use your computer to check-in attendees, you can use the search function.

​Apart from the QR-code, the ticket also includes the attendee name and ticket number. From the attendee screen on your computer, you can search for the attendee name, and use the information on the ticket to identify the correct order. You can then manually check-in the attendee to your event. In case there are many attendees to your event, using the search function on the computer will be more efficient than using only a printout of the attendee list. 

* To use the search function, or use the computer to check-in attendees, an internet connection is required. 

​If you will be hosting a large-scale event of 1000 or more attendees, please contact us up to 10 days before the event date. We can help you find the most suitable check-in option for your event.

* Attendees can be checked in up until 24 hours after the event has finished.

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