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Sending messages to attendees

You can message the attendees of your event through the Attendee page.

Please log into your account, and access the attendee page.

You can message attendees in three different ways:

Message all attendees at once

1. From the attendees page, click [Message attendees]

2. Click [All] from the drop down menu.


3. Enter you message and subject (optional) and click [Send].


Message individual attendees

1. Click the mail icon-button next to the attendees name.

2.  Enter you message and subject (optional) and click [Send].


Message a group of attendees

1. Go to the [Sales List]-tab

2. Filter on Ticket Type or Order Status

3. After you made your selection, click [Send Message]

4. Click [Filtered] from the menu.


5. Enter your message and subject (optional) and click Send.


Example message

The message will be send to the registered email address of the attendees.

Example message:

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