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How to change your privacy settings

You can change the privacy settings through your Account settings.

How to change your privacy settings: 

1. Visit the Peatix homepage and log into your account by clicking "Register/Login" in the upper right corner. After you are logged in, click on your account name in the upper right corner, and select "Account settings".

2. In your account settings you can change the privacy of your public profile:

- Public: Everybody can access your profile page 
- Group Members only: Only users who are members of the same group can access your profile 
- Only me: Nobody can access your profile page

The default privacy setting is “Group Members Only”. Privacy settings, however, will automatically change when you take one of the following actions below:
- If you host a group on Peatix, your profile will be made public and privacy settings cannot be changed. This is so that your group can be made discoverable for more people to join!
- If you’ve purchased tickets to an event on Peatix where the event’s attendee list is public and you did not select the option to “Show me as anonymous", your profile will be made public unless privacy settings have been personally updated prior to ticket purchase.