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Account creation & login problems with Facebook on Peatix (computer and smartphone browser)

On August 25 we experienced troubles with Facebook account creation & login on Peatix (computer and smartphone browser). The account creation and login troubles have now been solved.

To create a new account or login on the Peatix website, please follow the following instructions: 

1) If you already created a Peatix account with your Facebook account: 

Please set a password to your account. To (re)set a password to your account, please click "Forgot your password?" from the login screen and enter your registered email address.
For more information about resetting your password, please check the following help page:

After you have set a password to your account, please use your registered email address together with your registered password, and login through the "Login with your Peatix Account" button on the login screen.

2) If you are creating a new Peatix account:

Please create a new Peatix account through the "Register with your email" option on the login page. Please enter a nickname for your account, your email address and a password, and click "Register" to create a new account.

Also, if you download the Peatix app, you can also use the app to create your account or login to your account. 


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