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CSV Guest list names don't display properly (Mac Users)

If you're hosting an international event where some of your guests' names are not entered in the Roman Alphabet (for example Japanese or Chinese characters), then there is a good chance their names will not display properly in the CSV Guest List file.

Here's how to fix it:

1. Download the Guest List from the Attendee page
2. Open the CSV file with the Text Edit application

3. Once the file is open, go to File --> "Duplicate" (or "Save as") to create a new version of the file.  

4. Next to [Plain Text Encoding] please select Unicode (UTF-16) and click "save"

**Select "Delimited"

**Select both "Tab" and "Comma"

**Click "Finish"

5. Open Excel. Click File --> Open and open the new Text Edit file you just created. The names should display properly

**If the names still don't display properly, highlight all the names and switch to a different font**

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