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How to receive the ticket sales for your event

Within 5 business days after your event has finished, we will payout the ticket sales (less payment processing fees) of your event.
To ensure the timely transfer of your ticket sales, please register your payout details with us prior to the event date.

How to receive the payout:

For events in Singapore, the US, Malaysia and Japan we will payout to ticket sales to your local bank account. You don't need to set up a PayPal account to receive the payout. 
For other countries we will transfer the payout to your PayPal account. 

Please see the complete overview of the payout process per country:


Country Ticket / Payout currency How to receive payout
India USD PayPal
Indonesia USD PayPal
Japan JPY Bank transfer
Hong Kong HKD PayPal
Malaysia MYR Bank transfer
Philippines PHP PayPal
Singapore SGD Bank transfer
South Korea USD PayPal
Sri Lanka USD PayPal
Taiwan TWD PayPal
Thailand THB PayPal
Viet Nam USD PayPal

North America

Country Ticket / Payout currency How to receive payout
Canada CAD PayPal
United States USD Bank transfer


Country Ticket / Payout currency How to receive payout
Austria EUR PayPal
Belgium EUR PayPal
France EUR PayPal
Germany EUR PayPal
Ireland EUR PayPal
Italy EUR PayPal
Luxembourg EUR PayPal
Netherlands EUR PayPal
Spain EUR PayPal
United Kingdom GBP PayPal

Australia & Oceania

Country Ticket / Payout currency How to receive payout
Australia AUD PayPal
New Zealand NZD PayPal

​Please note:
* We will transfer the payout amount within 5 business days after your event, but it can take a couple of days extra before you receive the payout.
* If your event takes place on multiple days, you will be paid within 5 business days after the final date of the event.
* If you don't provide your payout details before your event starts, it may take more than 5 business days after the event for the funds to be transferred to your bank account.
* You will need to publish your event before you can register your payout information. The payout registration form is not provided for events in the draft mode.

New: Need funds to pay for event-related expenses prior to your event?

You can now receive an advance payout for your ticket sales on Peatix for events in Singapore and Japan. Find out more about advance payouts in Singapore, Japan (Japanese only)

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