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How to enter bank account details for payouts in U.S. Dollars

For events in draft mode the bank account registration form is not provided. Please register your bank account information after you have published your event.

Payout will be paid in one lump sum directly to the local bank account you have indicated. We will process the payout within 5 business days after the final date of your event, but please note that it can take a couple extra days before you receive the payout.

How to enter your bank account information

1. Log into your Peatix account, hover over your account name in the upper right corner and go to your account settings.

2. Click payment information on the right side of the screen. (this screen is only shown after you have published your event page)

3. Click Edit to enter you bank account details.

4. For security reasons, you will be required to log in again.

5. Enter your bank account details.

Please enter your bank account details for payouts via direct deposit.
* To get paid in U.S. Dollars, please register your bank account in the United States.
* Please make sure to enter correct information so that there is no delay in receiving your payout.

< Name on account >
Enter the valid Name on Account as it appears within your banking records to ensure there is not a delay in receiving your payout.

< Account type >
Select your bank account type, either Saving account or Checking account.

< Routing number >
A routing transit number (RTN) is a nine digit bank code, used in the United States, which appears on the bottom of negotiable instruments such as checks identifying the financial institution on which it was drawn. 

< Account number >
Account numbers are generally 7-13 digit figures registered to a bank account.
For details, please refer to your check or ask your bank for correct account number information.

< Email >
Please enter email address that Peatix Support Team can reach for payout communications.

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