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Can I set up discount codes?

It is possible to set up discount codes, so that if the attendee enters the code when purchasing tickets, he/she will receive a discount on the ticket price.

By setting a discount code, you can set a discount for a specific ticket. For example, set a 5$ discount to a 15$ ticket, so that it can be bought for 10$.
* After you set a discount code, it is not possible to change that discount code.


How to set up discount codes to your event

1. Go to the event edit page and click [Edit tickets].

2. Click [Discount Code Settings] at the bottom of the Create Ticket screen.

3. Select the ticket for which you want to set a discount code.

4. Enter the new ticket price and the desired discount code and click [Add Discount Code].

*Please enter the desired ticket price after the attendee entered the discount code.
For example, if you want to sell a 15$ dollar ticket for 10$ (5$ discount), you need to enter 10$.

5. The discount code is set to your ticket.


How to delete a discount code

1. After you have created a discount code, you cannot change the discount code setting, but it is possible to delete the discount code. 
To delete your discount code, please click on the garbage bin icon next to the discount code.

2. After an attendee has used a discount code to purchase a ticket, it is not possible to delete that discount code.

Disable discount codes

After you created the discount code, attendees who received the discount code can purchase tickets for the discounted ticket price. If you want to stop the use of the discount code, please click the Deactivate button.

A deactivated discount code can be re-activated if you want to use it again.
In this case, please click the activate button.


View used discount codes

The attendee list (CSV-file) includes the discount code that was used for the purchase so you can check who used which discount code when ordering a ticket.
Please see Can I download a list of attendees? for more information on downloading the attendee list.

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