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What is a Peatix ticket?

On the day of the event, the attendee can bring his/her ticket in one of the following ways:

1. Peatix App
The attendee can install the Peatix App (for attendees) on his/her smartphone, and show the ticket from the app.

2. Web ticket
Not using the app, the attendee can show the ticket in the browser of his/her smartphone.

Attendees who don't use a smartphone, can print out the web ticket, and bring the printout to the event.

The Peatix App includes a QR-code. When the attendee shows his/her ticket with QR-code at the reception of your event, you can scan the QR-code with our Scan App to confirm the validity of the ticket. If you don't use the Scan App and don't scan the QR-codes, you can check in attendees and verify the ticket by checking the name on the ticket, and the names on the Attendees Screen in your account. 
For more information about our check-in methods, please see Check-in options.
About the Peatix App for Attendees
​In the Peatix App, attendees can of course view their tickets (including QR-code). But they can also view the map of the event venue, and the event details. Further, before the event, attendees can check the profiles of other attendees, and send messages to other ticket buyers. On the "Event timeline" both organizer and attendee can write comments or share photos of the event.

To access the ticket in the app, the smartphone needs to be connected to the internet. In case the location of event venue has a poor connection, please ask the attendees to access their tickets first, and then proceed to the venue.
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