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How to view your web ticket

If you don't have a smartphone or cannot download the app, and want to bring a print out of a ticket to the event, please view your tickets online in the following way:

1. Please click on the following link to access the ticket login screen.
Ticket login screen:

Log in with the same account that you used when purchasing your ticket. (If you are already logged in, this step will be skipped.)

If you used your email address to create an account and purchase your ticket, please click on the "Login with your Peatix Account" button and login with your email address and registered password.

If you used your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to purchase your ticket, please login through the "Login with Facebook/Twitter/Google" button.

2. On your dashboard, under Tickets you can see a list of all the events you have bought tickets for.
Please click View Ticket(s) to view your web ticket. ​

3. Please print out your web ticket, and bring the print out with you to the event.

  • ※ If you purchased multiple tickets from the same account, those tickets will be displayed in one ticket (one QR code). If you and your friends will go to the event separately, please split the ticket in advance and send it to your friends.
  • ※ If you are logged in, but your tickets are not shown, please check which account you used to purchase your tickets.
  • What should I do when I cannot login to view my tickets?

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