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How to give complimentary tickets to invited guests

As an event organizer, you might wish to give complimentary tickets to invited guests without requiring them to get tickets for themselves from your event page. You can do so in the following manner:

1. Create a discount code
From the edit ticket page, create a discount code with discounted price 0.
How to set up discount codes

2. Purchase the free tickets 
From your event page, order the tickets you wish to give to your guests using the discount code. After having entered the discount code, please confirm that the total should sum to $0. Complete the transaction to receive the tickets.

If you no longer need the discount code, you can deactivate the discount code in the Discount Code edit page.

3. Sending tickets to your guests
After you have ordered the tickets, you can use our transfer feature to send the tickets to the attendees. Your invited guests can then claim their tickets.

NEW! If you wish to invite a large number (more than 100) guests to your event, and wish to issue them customized complimentary tickets, please take a look at our PDF complimentary ticket service for Singapore and Malaysia

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