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How to use ColorSync (temporary unavailable)

What is ColorSync?

ColorSync is our check-in system that allows the organizer to easily check the validity of the attendees ticket by comparing the flashing colors on his own computer/smartphone and the flashing colors on the attendees ticket. Since attendees will be automatically checked-in if the colors match, the check-in process will go smooth and efficient. Also, the check-in information is regularly updated, so you can immediately see how many attendees have already arrived.

For more information on using ColorSync, please see the following movie:

How to use ColorSync

By default the check-in method is set to QR-code. To use ColorSync to check-in attendees, it is necessary to first change the check-in method to ColorSync. 

* When you change the check-in method to ColorSync, the ticket of the attendees will change to a ColorSync ticket. (by default, ticket buyers will receive a QR-code ticket) If you wish to use ColorSync to check-in attendees, we advice to change the check-in method soon after publishing your event. 

1. Log into your account, go to your event, and click "Check-in".

2. Click "Use ColorSync Check-in" and you have changed the check-in method to ColorSync.
The ticket from the attendees will automatically switch from QR-code to ColorSync.

Check-in with ColorSync

1. Click "Check-in"


3. The ColorSync reception screen is started, and colors will start changing colors every second.

4. After you started the ColorSync reception screen, ColorSync will also start in the ticket screen of the attendees. 

The ColorSync reception screen, and the attendees ticket screen will synchronously change colors every second.
(In case ticket screens don't change colors, please check "The ticket screen doesn't change colors" below)

Valid ticket: If the changing colors match, the ticket is valid. The attendee will automatically be checked in.

Invalid ticket: If the colors don't match, or the attendee brings a printout of his ticket, please check the attendees tickets manually.

5. To manually check-in attendees, please click the search button in the upper right corner of the reception screen. Search for the name of the attendee, and click "Check In".

6. The number of checked-in people will real-time be shown on the reception screen.


The ticket screen doesn't change colors

If ColorSync is not running, the ticket screens of the attendees will remain in the default green color.
Please ask the attendee to click "Check-in Now" or reload the screen (swipe down from top of the screen)

In case the color of a tickets doesn't change, please manually check-in the attendee.

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