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Can I create a private event?

If you want to create an event that is not publicly visible, but only viewable to people of your choice, you can create a private event.
Access to the event page will be restricted by a password set by you.

How to create a private event

1. Please go to your event page, go to [Edit] and click on [Settings].

2. Please check the box next to "Private Event" to make your event private

3. A screen will pop up asking you to set a password between 4-16 characters

4. A "password" button should appear next to "Private Event". If you forget your password or want to change it, you can click the "Password" button to view or reset your password.

If you want to change your Private Event back to a Public Event, just click the checkbox again to remove the check. After you removed the check, no password will be needed to access the event page. 

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