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How can I promote my event?

You can promote your event in less than five minutes using our easy-to-use tools under the [Promote] tab.

1. Embed a Widget on your website or blog

The widget is customizable by size and color, with a choice to display the ticket types and list of attendees.

Once you're happy with how it looks, copy and paste the generated code into the HTML of your site.


2. Post Event Details on Social Media 

You can share the news about your event with others on Facebook and Twitter. 


Other Promotional Tools

1.  Create a Custom URL
Customize your events URL to make it meaningful and easy to remember. 

2. Discount Codes
You can set up a discount code, so that if the attendee enters the code when purchasing tickets, he/she will receive a discount on the ticket price.  

​3. Set Promotional Ticket Categories
With early bird tickets and/or group discount tickets, you can create multiple opportunities to get your audience to be interested in your event. To set up a group discount ticket, please contact us.

(New!) Singapore only - Increase the visibility of your event
Need help with promoting your event? Explore some of our paid options to give your event an additional boost. Find out more (Singapore only).

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