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How to check your ColorSync ticket (Android)

ColorSync is a smartphone app exclusive ticket, with flashing colors. On the day of the event, the ticket screen will flash in different colors.
If an event uses ColorSync, please check your tickets in the following way:

Accessing your ticket

1. Download and install the Peatix App from the link below.

Download from Google Play (free)

2. After you open the App, the following top screen will appear.
Please tap "Looking for your tickets? Login to see them now!".

3. The login screen will be shown.
Please log in with the account you used to purchase your tickets.

4. A list of events you have bought tickets to will appear on your screen.
Tap on the event you want to view.

5. Your ticket will appear on your screen.

​※ If you purchased multiple tickets from the same account, those tickets will be displayed in one ticket. If you and your friends will go to the event separately, please split the ticket in advance and send it to your friends.
※ If you are logged in, but your tickets are not shown, please check My tickets aren't displayed in my account.
When I try to log in, "Either your username or password is incorrect. Please try again." is shown.

On the day of the event

1. Open your ticket screen, and when you arrive at the event, please tab "Yes, I am!"

2. Your ticket will start to flash in several colors. Please show this flashing screen to the reception desk to enter the event.

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