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How to change the design of your event page

At Peatix, we love shaking things up and playing around with different designs, so we gave you a few different options to customize your event page. Please choose a design to your liking.

How to edit the design of your event page:

1. On the edit event page hover over edit and click [Design].

2. On the Design Page, you can:

A. Choose a Peatix color theme and base color 


B. Choose any color for your event page background 

C. Upload an image from your computer (1 MB limit) for your event page background

**The "Tile" box will transform the image you upload from your computer into many individual images, like the tiles on a floor or wall of a house.

Once you are satisfied with your event page design, click the [Save Changes] button at the bottom of your screen. 

Want to customize further? Click here to find out how to customize your event's URL.


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