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About Groups

We understand that groups, communities and even fan clubs form organically when people come together for shared experiences at events on Peatix. Interactions within these circles may happen before, or long after, an event. With the Group function, it is our hope that we can facilitate these interactions more seamlessly.


About Groups

When creating an event, you will first need to create group. It is possible to create multiple groups in your account, and you will be able to host events in each group.

You will be able to group events, based on the content of the events and the attendees. For example, if you organize different type of events (e.g. film event and music events), you can create two different groups for each type of event. Or, if you organize events in different regions you can create different groups for each region.


Event attendees can automatically become followers of your group after purchasing tickets to your event. Peatix users can also become followers of your group through the event page. Followers will receive notification emails when you publish a new event, and your events will be displayed in the recommended event list in the Peatix app.

With the "group" feature, attendees can become a follower of the groups of their interests, and the organizers will be able to deliver event information to fans and followers.

Your Group

The group will be shown on the event page:

By clicking the Group name, the Group page will be shown. On the Group page, the group information, upcoming and past events, and the follower list will be shown.


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