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How to check-in attendees with the Peatix Scan app (Android)

1) Download the Peatix Scan App:

Google Play 

The Scan App needs to be installed on every device that will be used to check-in attendees.
To use more than one device to check-in attendees, please use the Assistant Mode

2) Please log in with the account you used to create the event.

3) Access "Reception" of the relevant event.

4) Scan the QR-codes from the tickets of the attendees. 
When the scanning is complete, the check-in is completed. The name of the attendee and the number and name of the ticket(s) will be displayed on the screen.

* Information is synchronized in your Peatix account, and can also be confirmed from the computer.

< Manual Mode>

1) Access "Attendees" from the relevant event.

2. The attendees list will be displayed. If you click the "Check in" button the check-in will be completed.

3. All checked-in attendees will be displayed under the "Checked In" tab.

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