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How to create a group / an event

When you first create an event on Peatix, you will need to create your group. You can create your events within the groups.

How to create a group

What is a group?
We understand that groups, communities and even fan clubs form organically when people come together for shared experiences at events on Peatix. Interactions within these circles may happen before, or long after, an event. With groups, it is our hope that we can facilitate these interactions more seamlessly. Create your group based on the contents of the events and the attendees.

1.Get started by creating a new Peatix account, or using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to login.

2.Click "Let's begin!" to start creating your group. 

3.The Create a Group page is shown.
On your group page you can: 
  • ‐ add a logo (size: 80 x 80px)
  • - add a cover image (size: 960 x 240px)
  • - add a Youtube or Vimeo video
  • - add a group description(try to be descriptive to encourage people to join your group)
  • - set a custom URL to your group page (an underscore " _ " , slash " / " or dot " . " cannot be used in your custom URL)

Click "Create Group!" to create your group.

* Peatix users can become followers of your group from the event, or when ordering tickets to your event. Followers will receive notification emails when you publish a new event, and your events will be displayed in the recommended event list in the Peatix app.
* It is possible to create multiple groups in your account, and you will be able to host events in each group.

How to create an event

After you have created your group, you can start creating your event.

1. Basics
2. Tickets
3. Details
4. Preview & Publish


Start by registering the event name, the date & time, and the venue of the event.


2. Tickets

1. Next, create tickets for your event. When you create a ticket, please choose from "Paid Ticket" or "Free Ticket".
Enter the ticket name, ticket price (paid tickets only) and the number of available tickets. 

* You can create multiple tickets.
* After you have created a ticket, you cannot change the ticket name or price. If you wish to edit the ticket, please delete the already created ticket and create a new ticket.
* If your event doesn't require registration, it is possible to publish the event without creating tickets.

2. You can change the order of the tickets by dragging the arrows. 

3. From the Settings button you can check the settings of each ticket.

You can set a ticket sales start date or ticket sales cutoff time for a ticket category (e.g. for the creating of Early Bird tickets), please see How to set the ticket sales period for more information. 
It is possible to create discount codes for your tickets. Please see How to set up discount codes for more information.

4. Check the Advanced Settings.

By clicking the "Show Advanced Settings" button you can check and change the advanced ticket settings. 

Ticket cutoff
By default the ticket sales cutoff date is set to the start time of the event. You can change the ticket sales cutoff if you wish to stop the ticket sales at a different moment. 
Please see How to set the ticket sales period for more information.

Ticket purchase limit
By default, the number of tickets (for each ticket type) that can be purchased per order is set to 6 tickets. By changing the maximum number of ticket per order, you can limit or increase the number of tickets that can be purchased per order. 

Please contact us in the following cases:
1.If you have multiple ticket categories, and you wish to set a different ticket purchase limit for each ticket category.
2.If you have multiple ticket categories, and you wish to set a ticket purchase limit for the total of tickets that can be purchased per order. 

Payment methods
The available payment methods differ per country. Depending on the country, it is possible to disable some payment methods.
It is not possible to edit the payment methods after you have published the event page.

3. Details

On the Details page you can upload a cover image, and add the description of your event.

Cover image
To upload your cover image click "Add cover image" and select the file. The size of the cover image is 920px x 450px. (Max 5MB)

If your cover image is bigger than the frame size, you can move the image to adjust its position. Click "Done" to finalise action.

The cover image of the event is also shown on Peatix Search, and in event recommendation emails. We recommend to upload an image that fits your event and encourages people to sign up.

Event description

In the event description you can enter the details and description of your event. You can also add images, videos and links in the event description.

How to upload an image: Click "Insert/edit image" and select the file of your image.
You can upload any JPEG, PNG or GIF file.
The maximum size file you can upload and insert is up to 5 MB.
The maximum width of the image is 430 px.

How to upload a video: Click on the 'Insert Youtube Video' button and enter the URL of your Youtube video.

How to insert a link: Select the text you wish to change into a link and click on the "Insert/edit link" button. Enter the URL and click Submit.

*  It is not possible to use HTML tags in your event description.

With the form feature, you can create a custom questionnaire for your attendees to answer. You can collect information from your attendees such as e-mail addresses, feedback, and even favorite ice cream flavor. For more information on setting up the form, please see How to set a form for your event.

Event URL

You can customize your event URL into something meaningful and easy to remember.
* An underscore ( _ ), dot (.) and slash ( / ) cannot be used in your custom URL
* A customized URL cannot be used twice

Attendee Display
If you choose to show the attendee names and the number of attendees, these will be shown on the event page. The name of the attendee that is displayed is their account name (nickname).

Event Access
If you want to create an event that is not publicly visible, you can create a private event. Access to the event page will be restricted by a password set by you.

4. Preview & Publish

After you have created your event, please click the "Preview" button from the bottom of the page to preview your event page. By clicking "Edit" you can change your event page. 

With "Share URL" you can share the preview of the event page. Only people with this URL can access the preview of the event.  

When you are finished creating your event page, please click "Publish" to publish your event page. 

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