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For selected applicants: How to order your tickets

(Please see How to order tickets for regular ticket purchase)

1.If you are selected for the event, click the "Get ticket" button from the selection result email.

2.Login with the account you used to apply for the selection. This account is also shown in the selection result email.

​ 3.From the event page, click the "Get Ticket" button.
※ It is not possible to order the ticket with another account than the account you used to apply for the event.

4. Confirm your application details, and order your ticket. 

If you have been selected for a free ticket, first click the "Next: form" button and then click the "Get Ticket" button to complete your order. When your order is successfully completed your will receive an order confirmation email.
If you have a been selected for a paid ticket, you will now also need to make the payment for your ticket.


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