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What can co-organizers do?

Co-organizer are users who have been granted limited access by the organizer to the specific group and its events, and will be able to edit the group and event pages, access sales and attendee information, and manage ticket sales.

What co-organizers can do

  • - Edit the group page
  • - Access the follower list (check account nickname and full names of the followers)
Events (within the group)
  • - Create and edit new event pages
  • - Edit, publish and cancel existing event pages
  • - Order boost services to promote the event (Japan & Singapore only)
  • - Access the attendee page and download the attendee list (including form data), of both new and past events.
  • - Manage sales
  • - Name search check-in using a computer

What co-organizers cannot do

  • - Add / delete other co-organizers
  • - Send messages to followers
  • - Post announcements
  • - Create / edit / manage subscription plans

Events (within the group)
  • - Receive messages from attendees
  • - Send messages to attendees
  • - Edit or enable forms created by the organizer or other co-organizers
  • - Access the receipts of boost promotion purchases by the organizer or other co-organizers
  • - Receive payouts of the event ticket sales (the co-organizer also cannot access the payout details registered in the organizers account)
  • - Use Peatix Organizer (iOS) or Peatix Scan (Android) apps

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