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How to respond to ticket cancellation requests

Attendees can not cancel tickets by themselves. If a ticket buyer wishes to cancel his/her ticket, s/he will contact the organizer to request you for a cancellation.
If you allow cancellations and would like to grant the cancellation request from an attendee, follow the instructions below:

Please note: Tickets can be cancelled until 24 hours after the event has ended.

How to Cancel Tickets

1. Log into your Peatix account, and click on [Attendees] for the relevant event. 

2. Access the [Sales List] tab and search for the attendee's name.

3. Click on the cancellation button to the right.

For orders with 1 ticket

4. A confirmation screen will appear.

Please click OK to cancel the ticket. 

For orders with multiple tickets

Please note: depending on the payment method, partial cancellation may not be available. In that case, please follow the steps under "For orders with 1 ticket" to cancel all tickets. 

4. The partial cancellation screen will appear

Please enter how many tickets to cancel, and how many tickets to keep in the order through the drop down menu. For example: if you wish to cancel 1 ticket out of a 3 ticket order, please enter 2 for the new ticket quantity, and click "UPDATE". 

Please note: Normally, when you cancel a ticket, the ticket will immediately be available for purchase again.
However, if you cancel a ticket after the ticket has become sold out and you wish to make the ticket available for purchase again, you have to manually re-open the tickets sales.


​About the Refund

Tickets paid with Credit Card
The refund will be handled by the credit card company of the credit card used to purchase the tickets. The refund process will vary depending on the cut-off date of the credit card.

Cancellation date before the credit card cut-off date: The refund process will be handled in the current month so no money will be deducted for ticket payment. In most cases, both the ticket payment and the refund will appear separately on the credit card statement.

Cancellation date after the credit card cut-off date: The payment of the ticket order will be processed. We will refund the amount in the next month through a negative invoice

※ Note: We are unable to look up cut-off dates of credit cards. 

Cancellation Fee
If more than 50 days have passed since the ticket purchase, the following cancellation fee will be charged to the customer:

Country Ticket / Cancellation fee
Cancellation fee
(per order)
Japan         JPY 500 JPY        
U.S.         USD 5 USD        
Singapore         SGD 5 SGD        
Hong Kong         HKD 30 HKD        
Taiwan TWD 150 TWD
South Korea USD 5 USD
Indonesia USD 5 USD
Thailand THB 150 THB
Philippines PHP 200 PHP
Malaysia MYR 10 MYR
Vietnam USD 5 USD
India USD 5 USD
Australia AUD 5 AUD
New Zealand NZD 5 NZD
Austria EUR 5 EUR
Belguim EUR 5 EUR
Canada CAD 5 CAD
France EUR 5 EUR
Germany EUR 5 EUR
Ireland EUR 5 EUR
Italy EUR 5 EUR
Luxembourg EUR 5 EUR
Netherlands EUR 5 EUR
Spain EUR 5 EUR
United Kingdom GBP 5 GBP

For customers in Japan: Tickets paid via Convenience Stores
After the ticket has been cancelled, the customer will receive an email about the refund process. A handling fee of 500 Yen will be charged to the customer.

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