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How to create a ticket: type, price & quantity

How to create a ticket:

1. On the right hand side of the edit event page, please click the [Set up ticket and prices] button.


2. The Create Ticket screen will be shown. Enter the ticket name, the price, and quantity, and click the [Save Ticket Type] button to create the ticket.

* If you want to create a free ticket, please check the free-box.
* You can create multiple ticket categories. 
* You cannot change the name of the ticket types. If you do wish to make a change to the name of a ticket, you will have to delete the ticket and create a new ticket type with the correct name. (After a ticket has been sold, you can no longer delete a ticket)
* To create a payment at the door ticket, check the "free" box and create a fee ticket. Included the ticket price in the name of the ticket. For example: "Standard ticket - payment at the door - 20$"

3. Click the X button in the upper right corner to return to the edit event page. 


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