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How to use a form to collect information from attendees

With the form feature, you can create a custom questionnaire for your attendees to answer. You can collect information from your attendees such as e-mail addresses, feedback, and even favorite ice cream flavor.

Please note that if you do not set a form, you will not be able to check any personal information from the attendee apart from the attendee name. If you require email address, address and/or telephone number, please use the form function to collect this attendee information. 

* The form feature is fully customizable, meaning that you can create any survey form or questionnaire to your liking.
* The form that you choose will be inserted into the ticket buying checkout process.
* You can download the form data entered by your attendees anytime in a Excel CSV spreadsheet.

**If you are using Mac Excel to open the downloaded data, please select UTF-16 to properly display the data. Please follow these instructions to open your file.


How to set a form for your event

1. Login to your Peatix account and click the event you want the form to appear in. 

2. Then go to "Edit" in the event screen, and click "Settings".

3. From here, scroll down to "Form Settings" and click "Set up a custom form":

4. Click "Create a new form" to start creating your form.

5. After you have created your new form, click "Edit" to set up and customize your form.

6. First, enter the name of the form, and click “Save Form”. 
This name will not be shown to the ticket buyers, but will only be displayed in your organizers account. 

7. Depending on the kind of answers you want, you can select different types of fields. Click the “Add Field” button to start adding questions.

8. To customize the questions, click “Edit”.

9. Enter the question under “label”, and enter the answer options under “Option value”. Click “Add” to add more answers options.

10. If you wish to let the buyer freely enter his answer, please choose the "Text field" or "Textarea" option. 

By checking "required" you can make the question mandatory.

11. By moving the arrow on the left side, you can change the order of the questions. 

12. To delete a question, click the "x" button.

13. When you are finished creating your form, please click "Save form".

14. To set the form to your event, please click "Enable". After you enabled the form, a check-mark will be displayed. 
Please note that you cannot make any changes to the form after you have enabled it to your event. Please check the questions of your form before enabling the form to your event. 


How to download the form entrees

When attendees have filled in the form when purchasing tickets, you can download the data in a CSV file (for excel users, it will open in a Excel spreadsheet). In this attendee list, not only the form data, but also all information about the order is included. 

For more information about downloading the attendee list, please see Can I download a list of attendees?


How to change (duplicate) your form

1. After you enabled the form, you cannot make any further changes. If you need to edit the form after you have enabled the form, please duplicate the form. 

2. Click "Edit" to make changes to the duplicated form.

3. After you have updated your form, you can enable the new form to your event.

After you duplicated the form, the answers of the original form will be saved. The content of the new form will be added on the right side of the CSV-file. 

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