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How to order a ticket

When purchasing tickets from your computer, please make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser.

Please follow these steps to purchase your tickets:

* Please note that the screen can be different depending on your device and payment method. 

1. Click the Get Ticket button on the event page

2. Select the type of ticket and the quantity you would like to purchase, and choose the payment method (varies depending on the country).

3. If you are using Peatix for the first time to purchase a ticket, you will need to create a new Peatix account. After the order is completed, you will use this account to login and access your tickets.

To create an account, please click "Register". Fill in a nickname, your email address and a password to create a Peatix account. You can also use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to create an account.

If you already purchased tickets on Peatix before, please log into your registered account.

4. Enter your credit card details for the payment.
(The payment pages vary depending on the payment method you have selected)

5. Enter your name and ensure your email address is accurate. This is the address where the order confirmation email will be send.​
  • - If you want to receive email notifications of new events, make sure the "Become a follower" box is checked.
  • - If you have purchased a ticket for a friend, you can also transfer this ticket. Your friend will receive an email about the ticket transfer. Please refer your friend to the following help page: "Receiving a ticket from a friend"

6. After your purchase has been completed, the following confirmation screen will appear.
Please check our detailed information about Peatix tickets to learn how more about your tickets and where to locate them.


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