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Purchasing a ticket using your smartphone

You can buy tickets using your smartphone.
* The screen can look different depending on your phone.

1. Go to the event page and click [Get Ticket]

2. Use the - and + buttons to enter the quantity of tickets you want to purchase and select your payment method.


3. Log into your account, or create a new Peatix account (for first time users).

4. Enter your payment information, and follow the instructions on your screen.
* The payment process will differ depending on payment method and country.

5. Enter your name and ensure your email address is accurate.
This is the address where an order confirmation email will be sent.

  • - If you want to become a member of the event's group and receive email notifications of new events, make sure the "Become a follower" box is checked.
  • - If you have purchased a ticket for a friend, you can also transfer this ticket to your friend. Your friend will receive an email about the ticket transfer. From that email your friend can claim his/her ticket. Please refer your friend to the following help page: "Receiving a ticket from a friend"

6. After your purchase has been completed, the following page will appear. A confirmation mail will be send to your email address.
You can check your purchased tickets in the Peatix app by logging in with the account you used to purchase your tickets.


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