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How to enter bank account details for payouts in Japanese Yen

Please enter your bank account information on the payout information screen.

Name on account

Only Double byte (Zenkaku), uppercase alphabets or double byte kana (within 48 characters) can be registered in Name on account. The name on account must match the name used in your bank account.

The following characters can be registered in Name on account:
- Kana
アイウエオ カキクケコ サシスセソ タチツテトナニヌネノ ハヒフヘホ マミムメモ ヤユヨ ラリルレロ ワン
- kana + sonant mark
ガギグゲゴ ザジズゼゾ ダヂヅデド バビブベボ ヴ
- Number
- Alphabets
- Mark/Symbols
Double byte Period「.」, Double byte Parenthesis「( )」, Double byte Space「□」, Double byte Hyphen「ー」「‐」, Double byte Minus「-」

You can register abbreviations if the name on account includes "corporation (kabushiki kaisha)":
company name with the "kabushiki kaisha" at the beginning --> カ)
company name with the "kabushiki kaisha" at the end -->(カ
company name with the "kabushiki kaisha" in the middle -->(カ)
Example: Orinoco K.K.  --> オリノコ (カ

Bank code & Branch code

If you aren't certain of your bank or branch code, you can find the code on your bank book, Bank's website, or contact your bank.
When registering your Japan Post Bank bank account, please confirm bank, branch code, and account number on their website (Japanese only).

Account type

Please choose your account type from: 
- Regular Savings (普通)
- Checkings (当座)
- Special Savings (貯蓄)

Account number

Please enter your 7 digit account number.

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